Management policies and CSR

Management policies and CSRManagement policies and CSR


We are not merely swallowed for the cost competition simply while the needs of our customers, raw materials, technology diversify and aim at the company with the continuity for the logical cost and the environment conservation or the social contribution activity by the combination of new technology, raw material, processing method and also existing technology.

We, ZUNOW, declare follows to realize them.


1.Thorough observance such as various laws and ordinances.

  ○ All of our business shall be carried out along various laws and ordinances in all duties use.


2.Observance such as a social norm, the ethic.

  ○ It is prohibited to a certain problem action under normal social conventions even if not against laws and ordinances.


3.Protection of the Intellectual Property Rights

  ○ Confidentiality such as the production information of professional business that we got from the customers.

  ○ Prohibition from the unauthorized use such as the product or mold of the customers.

  ○ Prohibition of manufacturing and the use for an imitation or pirated edition and so on.


4.Prohibition of inappropriate business relationship.

  ○ Prohibition of giving and receiving of the money and goods or supply of profit between business relations.

  ○ Prohibition of the compulsion of ordering price for the vendor.


5.Ensuring safety of the work.

  ○ Maintenance of the work environment.

  ○ Thorough safety education to workers.


6.Human rights of the employee and health.

  ○ Prohibition of the compulsion of the overtime work.

  ○ The enforcement of the periodic medical examination.

  ○ Thorough participation to a social security system.

  ○ The equality of the employment opportunity, prohibition of the child working.


7.Consideration to environmental load

  ○ Energy-saving administration.

  ○ An action to the last waste reduction.


8.The non-use of a dispute mineral leading to the human rights violations and the environmental disruption.